Joliet's 21st century renaissance is found in insuring Joliet and the surrounding areas are healthy for all families. The Cool Joliet Coalition organized to encourage action that makes a healthy environment. Cool Joliet's mission is to educate and empower Joliet and area residents about the importance of a healthy and sustainable environment, to encourage related individual and civic actions. 

Cool Joliet is a coalition of groups and individuals that reflect the greater diversity of Joliet and the surrounding area. We welcome all individuals & groups to work together for the common goals of a healthy environment. Read more. 


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e-mail us  or call us at 815-714-8191.

 J-HENS and efforts to legalize backyard hens in Joliet. 
Contact them if you want a presentation on the case FOR backyard hens.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------New Adventures Ahead! 

 An easy to grow, vegetable garden.

So you don't know how to grow food. No problem!
We show you how in a very simple way. 
 No tools to garden with? They are not needed. No lawn? No need. 
Our set-up goes on concrete, a balcony, or even on a rooftop. It is portable. 
Seeds. A little info. Add sun and water.
Follow as we document our grow system as experienced by 5 families during this growing season.
We will provide container, soil, seed, and instructions. 
A donation from Bitcoin100 made this project possible! BitPay gets coin in the bank. 
Click here to ------> Follow them Garden. 



Other Cool Joliet Projects

We are sad to announce that the University of St. Francis will be using the property that the community garden is on for other purposes. We are grateful to the University for allowing us to build our garden beds there. Multiple families found great enjoyment in growing food in the beds and teaching their children (and grandchildren) about gardening. 

Reedswood Community Oasis: The progression.


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Going Green Made Easy by Will County Green 

Will County Land Use

Council of Mayors Cool Cities Initiative.

City of Joliet Information

Will County Information

Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network Info here

Explore Possibilities
Computer Project: Recycle your old computer for donation to places in New Orleans. Call Professor Emeritus Paul Kaiser 815-729-3927.

Clean Air Diesel Retro Fit. Protect Water Watershed Action Plan.
Grow Food Growing Power Inc.
Create Jobs Green For All.
Start a Green Business Dept. of Commerce & Economic Opportunity.
Learn From Others Santa Monica's Sustainability Plan.
Work With Others Will County Environmental Network.


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